April news!


April has been a brilliant month for RBP, with lots of new interest, boxes have been springing up all over the country. It is Spring after all…

This month we have:

  • 2 new boxes for the South East Wales Project
  • Southwark Council have agreed to pilot RBP collections in a few libraries and leisure centres to eventually, if all goes well, be in all of them!
  • Newly started project in Sevenoaks and Tonbridge
  • RBP Stoke Newington and north Hackney emptied their first full donation box from Morrisons – and it filled a trolley! They have a new donation box in Sainsbury’s Stamford Hill, very exciting! They’ve also got a new primary school on board  and are dropping off the box next week – and another one in the pipeline!
  • RBP Bury have got a secondary school onboard and two primary schools boxes ready to be delivered. Their Tesco donation box just keeps on giving and they are having to empty it once a week! On top of this, the Evolving Fitness team have start a campaign to fill up their donations box from their gym goers.
  • RBP Hitchin have delivered their first box to a secondary school and have requests for boxes from two other schools.
  • RBP Bedford have reached their first fundraising goal and their first box was placed into a school this month!
  • RBP Ashford have a second large secondary school on board and delivered 4 boxes last month to their first school.
  • South East London delivered their 52nd box to schools in their area!
  • RBP has started in Watford & Bushey, they’ve already signed up a donation point and have started speaking to schools this month.


  • Gemma Abbott from RBP Stoke Newington and north Hackney


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