An Update From Our Barrow-in-Furness Coordinator, Helen Wood


Schools out for the summer and our Barrow-in-Furness coordinator, Helen Wood has been busy! We asked her how she had got on this year. To say we are lucky to have her on board the project is an understatement.

‘Here in Barrow we recently presented to the County Strategic Child Poverty Group, who are fully supportive of the project and want to assist in making it countywide. They are setting up a task group to see how they can best assist.

We have 27 boxes in educational establishments and following an article published in the local paper appealing for community organisations to host boxes during the holidays there are now boxes accessible in 5 locations.

I was approached by BBC Radio Cumbria to be interviewed on the breakfast show. They first ran a short piece where they visited Walney School and spoke to some of the students and Mrs Amacna about the impact of having the red box in their school. They then had a short interview with myself about The Red Box Project in the local area.

We have also supplied the Pause Group (14-19 year olds) at Women’s Community Matters so that they can freely access products when needed.

Tesco Extra presented us with a wheelie bin of sanitary products and Geek Goods in Ulverston is our latest donation point.’

Once again Helen – thank you! Barrow-in-Furness has an amazing community. If you would like to support Helen’s amazing work please head over to:

Facebook: @theredboxprojectbarrow

Instagram: @redboxprojectbarrow

Twitter: @RedboxBarrow

Choice – A Privilege or A Right?


Becky, one of our South East London coordinators, explores the importance of choice and period poverty.


Pad or tampon? Cloth or cup?

Applicator or non-applicator?

Light, regular, heavy, super or maxi?

Wings? Liner?

Night time?

Always, Bodyform, Lil-let’s, Hey Girls, TOTM, Pink Parcel?

Feeling dizzy yet? The number of choices we women have to make to manage our periods is pretty astonishing when it’s broken down. And it’s not just once that we have to think about these things. The answers to these questions (and even the questions themselves) will vary month by month, and even day by day.

This month, for example, my period started one day before I went on a week camping trip. Of course it did. When I noticed the timing the month before I realised my usual products weren’t going to be appropriate for the trip, so I sent an SOS to some friends. They replied with advice on various different products that they’d used camping and how to use them. Cue decisions about products, brands, costs… Period admin. Not really what you want to be dealing with when you want to be planning a holiday. But really I was super lucky because I had one important thing available to me: choice.

Something we hear over and over again in discussions about period poverty is: but value supermarket products cost 23p. Can’t they just use those?

And it’s true. A pack of 10 maxi pads in a supermarket can cost as little as 23p. But the problem is that whilst those 23p products might work for a regular period with a regular flow on a regular day, how many women only ever have those?

How many women have never wanted super absorbent pads for the first few days so that they can change every 2-3 hours instead of every hour? How many women have never needed night pads as well as day ones, so they don’t wake every day hoping they don’t need to wash the sheets? How many women haven’t had to buy a couple of different products because one month they’re going swimming and they can’t risk bleeding in the pool? How many women have never wanted a tampon because they’re wearing something special and don’t want the pad to show? How many women have never wanted a couple of days with wings, so that they know they’re not going to have to deal with leaks?

Choice matters. Choice is the difference between managing your period and your period managing you.

It’s why at the Red Box Project we are and will always be so committed to providing young women with period products in a range of types, sizes, shapes, brands and absorbencies. Because all women deserve the chance to make decisions about what they need to live with dignity and in comfort, all month, every month.

Thank you for your help in making this possible. Your donations are so appreciated, by all of us.


*photo credit: BBC

5 Reasons to Volunteer for the Red Box Project!

Written by Becky Lopez, one of our incredible South East London coordinators

I joined the Red Box Project as a coordinator a little over 6 months ago. I’d volunteered for organisations before, but I’ve never done anything like the Red Box Project. It’s hard to explain why working for them is so special, but I’ve given it a go here: 5 reasons to join the Red Box Project.


You’ll make a real difference

I could give you stats about the shocking number of girls who say they’ve missed school because they couldn’t afford sanitary products. Or those who have used inappropriate materials, like socks, instead of pads. But actually no one has summed up the difference the Red Box Project makes better than this year 8 student: ““Oh my God, that box has well saved my life Miss”. If you’ve ever had a period, you know exactly what she means. Just by running one box, you’ll be able to save lives like this, every single month.


It’s achievable

High targets can sometimes make fundraising feel quite daunting. The Red Box Project is different. Every pack of pads helps, so supporters can improve a girl’s life with just the price of a cup of coffee. This makes fundraising much more achievable, which is both essential for the sustainability of the project and brilliant for coordinators. Every pound raised feels like a milestone.


You’ll get in touch with your community

The Red Box Project is run on community kindness and, as a coordinator, you’ll find yourself right at the heart of yours. You’ll be talking to schools, local businesses, community groups, maybe even the press! It puts you in touch with the very best of your community and it’s brilliantly uplifting to see how much kindness there is around you.


You’ll use a range of skills that suit your abilities, interest and time

Although the aim of every Red Box Project is the same, every project is run slightly differently according to the skills and interests of the coordinators. You’re free to build on the contacts and skills that you already have, but equally you can challenge yourself in new and interesting ways, if you feel inspired by others. The work is also completely flexible and you can adjust what you do for the project to suit the hours you have available. Oh – and it’s never boring.


You’ll join the best girl gang in the country

The Red Box Project Sisterhood is positive, supportive and inspiring. Coordinators and our HQ team work together across projects to help each other achieve as much as possible for girls and young women. But as well as joining the Red Box Project, a wider community of feminist champions is waiting for you to join the fight against period poverty. It’s a dynamic, exciting group to be a part of, trying to make the world a better, fairer place.


Convinced? Email our HQ team at Looking forward to seeing you in the coordinators Facebook group!

April news!


April has been a brilliant month for RBP, with lots of new interest, boxes have been springing up all over the country. It is Spring after all…

This month we have:

  • 2 new boxes for the South East Wales Project
  • Southwark Council have agreed to pilot RBP collections in a few libraries and leisure centres to eventually, if all goes well, be in all of them!
  • Newly started project in Sevenoaks and Tonbridge
  • RBP Stoke Newington and north Hackney emptied their first full donation box from Morrisons – and it filled a trolley! They have a new donation box in Sainsbury’s Stamford Hill, very exciting! They’ve also got a new primary school on board  and are dropping off the box next week – and another one in the pipeline!
  • RBP Bury have got a secondary school onboard and two primary schools boxes ready to be delivered. Their Tesco donation box just keeps on giving and they are having to empty it once a week! On top of this, the Evolving Fitness team have start a campaign to fill up their donations box from their gym goers.
  • RBP Hitchin have delivered their first box to a secondary school and have requests for boxes from two other schools.
  • RBP Bedford have reached their first fundraising goal and their first box was placed into a school this month!
  • RBP Ashford have a second large secondary school on board and delivered 4 boxes last month to their first school.
  • South East London delivered their 52nd box to schools in their area!
  • RBP has started in Watford & Bushey, they’ve already signed up a donation point and have started speaking to schools this month.


  • Gemma Abbott from RBP Stoke Newington and north Hackney


Marvellous March!


This month we want to say a big thank you to everyone that donated to Red Box Project around the country. We’ve had an amazing month…

A big thanks to Beauty Banks who have supported our South East London crew to collect and store sanitary products, they gave us a huge bag of pads and tampons that will go straight to local schools. They do brilliant work in the community themselves so we’re so very happy to have them as a supporter!

We also want to say thank you to HCC Parkway in Fareham for continuing to collect items in their office and for our most recent bag of items for local young women.

Red Box Project Stokey have had plenty of generous donations this month, with surplus supplies coming from local foodbanks and lots of products collected in their Beaucatcher Salon drop off point.

Mayflower WI group have supported Southampton Test Area with two massive donations this month, so thank you to them!

In York, Ripon Rockets Netball club and Stomp Kids shoe shop in Knaresborough collected boxes and boxes of towels and tampons, enough to swamp the living room of one of our lovely coordinators.

Red Box Project Bedford got off to a good start, raising £150 in week 1 of setting up their first box!

One of our most amazing successes this month is our South East London team member Tamsin managed to get a sanitary product donation point in all fourteen libraries in Bromley!

One of the team put together some figures about the project so far:

1 Year On – 168 Red Boxes


Last week The Red Box Project turned 1 year old, in that time our community of women has placed 168 Red Boxes in schools and other venues to ensure young women have access to sanitary products.

What have we learnt during this year?

  • We’ve learnt that if we work together and create networks locally and nationally, we can support those that need help within our communities.
  • We’ve learnt that the generosity of other knows no bounds, and that if people can help, they will. Across their local areas, our coordinators have been overwhelmed by the support that businesses and organisations have offered them – with donations points now active in libraries, churches, salons, cafes and even pubs!
  • We’ve learnt that teachers work incredibly hard to support their pupils and are inspirational people, often using their own money to help their pupils.
  • We’ve also learnt that the need for this service is real, that the boxes are accessed regularly, and that child poverty is a reality in the UK.

We’re learning lessons endlessly and hear from the most brilliant people daily, our network of amazing women grows week by week and they never fail to surprise us with the love and kindness with which they approach the project in their own locality.

We hope more than anything that after another year, the Red Box Project will no longer be needed, and that young women won’t have to struggle to access the essential items they need. Until then, we will continue to work hard for them, because no young woman should miss out on her education because of her period!


It’s a great concept and something we’re really finding is helping students in our schools. The girls love it, they can come and ask for the red box and no questions asked, they take what they need.

Teacher in London

Young Women’s Day! – A Portsmouth Celebration


Last week we were privileged to take part in Portsmouth City Council’s Young Women’s day at the Charles Dickens Centre. It was great to celebrate International Women’s Day in such great company, Liesl from RBP went along and brought raffle goodies.

The best thing? The huge number of girls who knew all about Red Box, had accessed one and – even better – came to tell us all about it. It was so uplifting to feel their joy, energy and positivity, these young women are our future and we’re so proud to support them.

“OMG. That box well saved my life Miss!”