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Due to collaborative campaigning and our hard work on the ground, galvanizing the most incredible people to join us in our fight for menstrual equality, the government in England have followed in the Welsh and Scottish government’s footsteps and will provide, from January 2020, menstrual products in all schools and colleges across the country. Our projects in Great Britain have now closed to allow the scheme to work in the best possible way and we will be monitoring the scheme closely.

We are still very much open for all of our many overseas projects and if you would like to set one up outside of England, Wales and Scotland, please email us: . 

A huge thank you to everyone for your continued love and support. Together we have made a difference. 

What a journey! 

January 2020 – Government Scheme to Provide Free Menstrual Products Will Take Effect

Following the most recent roundtable discussion, in which we were in attendance at the Department for Education, we wanted to update you all on the future of the Red Box Project – please see below for details.

‪More information about the English Government’s Scheme, which launched in January 2020, can be found on our page here

‪Thank you for your continuing support.