COVID-19 Response

We will all know individuals in our communities who are going out to work every single day to provide the highest level of care and expertise; partnered with love and kindness so it felt extremely important that we, as a nationwide project, stood up and did something to show how much we appreciate their relentless hard work and dedication.

In response to the current global pandemic of COVID-19 that we are currently facing in the UK, the Red Box Project would like to support our frontline healthcare professionals who are tackling the virus head-on by organising and funding free delivery and access to period products in their workplace.

Find out more about how to request a support parcel here

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As you know, we have always focussed specifically on providing support to young people in education. This has sometimes led to criticism. People have reminded us that others need support too. We know this and as hard a decision it was to make we also have full-time jobs and I also have two very young children. As a voluntary run project, we had to keep our aims firmly placed on the youngest in our society (the need there was and is huge), safe in the knowledge that there are other organisations who support other members of our society and quite rightly so BUT we are faced with a situation that we could have never have imagined happening so as a temporary move we are going to extend our support to those working in some of the most difficult situations and we hope that in a very small way this support helps.