Welsh Government will support every school with funding and provision of free period products

Overjoyed to hear this news today. ⁣

Ministers from the Welsh Government have today announced that all primary and secondary schools will be provided with free menstrual products and underwear in the form of a £2.3m grant which will be rolled out to councils who will deliver the scheme into all schools in their area. ⁣

⁣Encouraged by this and last year’s announcement from the Scottish government who pledged to provide the same support across all schools, colleges and universities we hope that government see the progressive moves made by our neighbours and extend their current commitment to cover ALL compulsory education settings. ⁣

We remain hopeful. It would be incomprehensible to accept a scheme that does not include support for younger children, in primary schools, who menstruate and indeed have the same barriers attached to accessing products as their counterparts.

We have to build a society that our youngest citizens feel connected with. We do this by letting them know that we care about them; that their contribution to the world is important and should not ever be held back by biology.

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