5,000 Active Red Boxes

Plant a seed and watch it grow. This is how we view The Red Box Project.

Whilst, it is always at the forefront of our minds that growth equates to need; a need that should not exist in our society, we stand proud that we have been able to provide support to a wide-range of educational settings and youth clubs.

Over 5,000 active red boxes, filled with a range of products our young people know and feel comfortable using.

Each red box tells a story but at the roots are our volunteer coordinators. They are the heart of our project. Fitting in time within their already jam packed day to create boxes filled with love and kindness. The relationships they have built up with members of staff is something that brings us the most amount of joy and the feedback from both teachers and students tells us that we are helping in a practical way.

Thank you to every single person who commits time to being part of our team and to every person who supports the projects in their community. Every single donation makes the hugest difference.

Practical activism works and mix that up with humility and collaboration and you have something very special.