1 Year On – 168 Red Boxes


Last week The Red Box Project turned 1 year old, in that time our community of women has placed 168 Red Boxes in schools and other venues to ensure young women have access to sanitary products.

What have we learnt during this year?

  • We’ve learnt that if we work together and create networks locally and nationally, we can support those that need help within our communities.
  • We’ve learnt that the generosity of other knows no bounds, and that if people can help, they will. Across their local areas, our coordinators have been overwhelmed by the support that businesses and organisations have offered them – with donations points now active in libraries, churches, salons, cafes and even pubs!
  • We’ve learnt that teachers work incredibly hard to support their pupils and are inspirational people, often using their own money to help their pupils.
  • We’ve also learnt that the need for this service is real, that the boxes are accessed regularly, and that child poverty is a reality in the UK.

We’re learning lessons endlessly and hear from the most brilliant people daily, our network of amazing women grows week by week and they never fail to surprise us with the love and kindness with which they approach the project in their own locality.

We hope more than anything that after another year, the Red Box Project will no longer be needed, and that young women won’t have to struggle to access the essential items they need. Until then, we will continue to work hard for them, because no young woman should miss out on her education because of her period!


It’s a great concept and something we’re really finding is helping students in our schools. The girls love it, they can come and ask for the red box and no questions asked, they take what they need.

Teacher in London

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